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Dr Prabhat Kumar

Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Cybe... View Profile

Dr Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider

Associate Professor Database, Semantic Web, E-Learning System,Sentimen... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Amit Kumar Singh is currently an Associate Profess... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Mondal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Bhaskar Mondal received his PhD from National Inst... View Profile

Dr Suddhasil De

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Distributed Systems; Cloud Computing; Fog Computin... View Profile

Dr Kakali  Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Cryptography and Information Security... View Profile

Dr Suryakant

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Dr shyam Singh Rajput

Assistant Professor Research areas: Image Processing, Computer Vision,... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Dudyala

Assistant Professor Bio-NLP, Datamining, Machine learning... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Mondal

Assistant Professor Cyber security, Information security, Machine lear... View Profile

Dr Ditipriya  Sinha

Assistant Professor Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Pervasive Computing, Image ... View Profile

Mr Anand Shanker Tewari

Assistant Professor Recommendation Systems... View Profile

Dr Akshay Deepak

Assistant Professor Protein function prediction, speech analysis, quer... View Profile

Dr Kumar Abhishek

Assistant Professor Ontology and other related Semantic Web technologi... View Profile

Dr Mukesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Big data, Deep Learning. Recommender System... View Profile

Dr Dinesh  Dash

Assistant Professor Sensor Network, Mobile AdHoc Network, Algorithm, C... View Profile

Mr Abhay Kumar

Assistant Professor Computer Network, Software Defined Network, Comput... View Profile

Dr Somaraju Suvvari

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning... View Profile