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Prof Bharat  Gupta

Professor UWB Communication, Wireless Body Area Network, Sho... View Profile

Dr P K Jain

Professor High Power RF / Microwave Devices, Circuits and Sy... View Profile

Dr Dharmendra Kumar Singh

Professor Optical Communication and Photonics, Coding Theory... View Profile

Dr Gayadhar  Pradhan

Associate Professor Signal Processing, Speech Signal Processing, Spea... View Profile

Dr Ritesh Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor Wireless Communication and VLSI... View Profile

Mr Rabindra Kumar

Associate Professor RF and Microwave Engineering, Antenna Engineering... View Profile

Dr bambam kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Electromagnetic Field theory, Antenna and wave pro... View Profile

Mr Pankaj  Kumar

Assistant Professor Semiconductor Device Modeling and Simulation,Emerg... View Profile

Dr Rajarshi Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Antenna Design for Wireless Communication; Computa... View Profile

Dr Priyanka  Mondal

Assistant Professor Micorwave and Millimeter-wave Components for Wirel... View Profile

Dr Rakesh  Ranjan

Assistant Professor Optical Fiber Communication, Photonics, Silicon-on... View Profile

Dr Seemanti  Saha

Assistant Professor Physical layer of digital and wireless communicati... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Maurya

Assistant Professor Layered nanomaterial based Optical Biosensors... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar Arya

Assistant Professor wireless communication, soft computing ... View Profile

Dr Subodh Srivastava

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Lea... View Profile

Dr Manpuran Mahto

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave... View Profile

Dr Bal Chand Nagar

Assistant Professor I am currently working as an Asst. Professor at NI... View Profile

Dr Ashish Kumar Bhandari

Assistant Professor Satellite Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Sangeeta Singh

Assistant Professor Beyond CMOS Devices, Super steep Non classical dev... View Profile

Dr Jayanta Ghosh

Assistant Professor Microwave Antennas, Absorbers, Metamaterials and N... View Profile